EVANSTON, WYO. – The Wyoming Department of Transportation will be addressing some congestion issues at the Interstate 80 eastbound off-ramp onto Front Street in Evanston. Previous investigation by WYDOT showed an issue with summer weekend/holiday traffic backing up onto the interstate in past summers, especially recreational trailers and motorhomes, trying to turn left off the off-ramp.

WYDOT will be deploying portable signals as a temporary solution to promote safety and alleviate congestion. The traffic team will be placing three portable traffic signals on each leg of traffic at the on-ramp. Signal wait times can be adjusted to prevent queuing on the off-ramp.

The signals will be in operation every week typically on Thursdays and Fridays, and set to flash during the rest of the week. However, signals can be activated at any time there is a need to alleviate congestion and may be in operation over the weekend during holidays or special events. The signals will begin their summer activation the weekend of Memorial Day, starting on May 27. WYDOT technicians will be on-call and monitoring the intersection all summer. The signals will be in operation until Labor Day, Sept. 3.

“This is a follow-up from last fall’s demonstration project and an interim measure until permanent signals can be installed. Last fall’s operation appeared to have a positive safety benefit. Other features will be installed south of the intersection. Signs will be placed on the interstate to notify motorists of the recurring congestion,” WYDOT District Traffic Engineer Darin Kaufman said.

Permanent signals are planned for fiscal year 2022.