Logan, UT.     –    The Logan Ranger District of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest plans to conduct a habitat restoration project that would thin juniper in Green Canyon, Providence Canyon and Logan Dry Canyon.

The entire area of the project is about 460 acres in total, with 389 acres in Green Canyon, 34 acres in Logan Dry Canyon and 36 acres in Providence Canyon, and all on National Forest lands. The City of Logan and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will also treat lands adjacent to the National Forest lands within the project area.

Hand crews will lop and scatter the juniper, or pile up cut material in dense areas, to be burned later. In some areas, new vegetation will be planted or seeded, if needed.  By using a mechanical treatment to selectively thin juniper stands, new growth of forbs, grasses, and shrubs will be encouraged.

These canyons have wintered large numbers of mule deer in the past, but over the last two decades the number of  deer wintering within the foothills of these canyons has declined. The canyons are especially important for the survival of wintering mule deer because the majority of the winter range is located on private land and has been lost or threatened by increased cultivation and subdivision developments. Preservation and enhancement of the remaining habitat is critical to the well-being of the wintering deer and numerous other wildlife species.

Action taken now will help maintain these habitats for the future.