SODA SPRINGS, ID.       –     Two summer homes and two trailers were lost as a result of the Eight Mile Fire which was burning five miles southeast of Soda Springs over the weekend.

The fire was ignited on Saturday afternoon around 2:11 p.m., as a result of sparks from a welder used during a metal repair project. The fire started on private property, but spread quickly through grass, trees and brush, onto nearby Bureau of Land Management property.

People in the area were evacuated and the fire burned approximately 2,000 acres, according to the Caribou County Sheriff’s Office.

Multiple agencies responded to the brush fire, including: Caribou County Fire Department, Soda Springs Fire Department, Grace Fire Department, Bancroft Fire Department, Bear Lake County Fire Department, Montpelier Fire Department, East Idaho Fire, Bayer Fire Rescue, BIA-Fort Hall Fire Department, Caribou County Sheriff’s Office, Caribou County Search and Rescue, Idaho State Police, Soda Springs Police department, U.S. Forest Service, Idaho Fish and Game along with several volunteers from the community.

The fire fighters did an incredible job of containing the fire and protecting several structures that were threatened in the path of the fire.

The fire remains under investigation at this time.