The following information is provided by Uinta County Public Health:

EVANSTON   –   Uinta County continues to have the most active cases in the state, followed by Fremont County.

The rate per 100,000 population is 716,which is just behind Fremont County’s 834.

While that is still a little discouraging, we are relieved to report that we have only had 1 new case reported for the last 2 days. Hopefully that is an indication that things are slowing down a little, but we also recognize that that may in part be due to less testing over the weekend. Waiting to see how tomorrow goes.

Current numbers:

The graphic here has a little lag, and per our local data, we are actually down to 72 active cases, 53 lab-confirmed, and 19 probable cases.

We’ve done 188 tests so far since last Friday, and our percentage of positive tests is 6% cumulative.

We have had 6 hospitalizations, with 4 currently admitted. Some of these admissions have been local, while others are out of state.

One of the concerns with spiking high and fast is the pressure it puts on healthcare capacity. While we haven’t exceeded our capacity, the county is feeling the pressure and strain from a lot of cases in a short time.

We are grateful for the precautionary measures many have taken, including mask-wearing, distancing, and making thoughtful decisions about gatherings, and indoor functions. This kind of community effort will be an important part of slowing the rate down.

Our county has definitely been a cautionary tale not just for the state, but for our neighbors, as well.
Fox13 News in Utah has taken an interest in our community and will be airing a segment on Uinta County’s outbreak. (Not sure when..)

Much of what we (and others) are all learning from our experience is that the virus can spread quickly and relatively easily, the situation can change rapidly, our actions can affect others, precautionary measures work, and no one is insulated. Hopefully, we can also show how well a community comes together and brings it under control.