The course was laid out on the black top at the Uinta County Fair. All of the twists, turns, ups and downs of the obstacle course, were calling out to be tested. Helmets were adjusted and bikes were checked. The kids were excited and ready to start the Bike Rodeo.

With an announcement by Ryan Steineckert and a safety talk by Officer Ken Pearson, the Bike Rodeo was on. The kids started going to each station for a chance to win a bike . They got their helmets check by the Evanston Police Department. All bikes got a quick tune up by Kyle Lamb from the Uinta County School District #1, and each kid lined up to have a go at the obstacle course.

Four lucky kids won a bike from the Evanston Wal-Mart, and most importantly everyone had fun. With smiles on everyones face and popsicles in everyones hand, the Bike Rodeo was a great success.

Congratulations to Anna Cornia (age 7), Brantley Ellingford (age 4), Tucker Ellingford (age 7), Conner Hill (age 9) for winning the bikes that were donated by the Evanston Wal-Mart. A big thank you to the Evanston Police Department for fitting and giving away helmets, the Evanston Wal- Mart for donating the 4 bikes and water, and Kyle Lamb for fixing all of the bikes at the Bike Rodeo. We hope to see everyone next year at the Uinta County Fair Bike Rodeo.