The following information is provided by Uinta County Public Health:

EVANSTON – Fingers are crossed that we’re starting to see a tapering off. It is probably a little early to make any sort of a statement like that, but we are hopeful.

We believe that our community has responded with increased awareness and caution, and a sense of responsibility to each other.

Uinta County residents have been seeking testing appropriately, and our healthcare providers have stepped up to meet our county’s need for low or no-cost, and accessible testing.

Contact tracing and quarantine and isolation have been utilized to prevent further transmission.

And maybe, hopefully, we are just beginning to see our group effort pay off. We hope and believe that with continued efforts, we will see the transmission rate slowing.

The week of June 4th through the 11th, saw 38 new positive cases. The week after that, new cases jumped to 50 in one week, and this past week, we are back down to 30 new lab-confirmed cases.

That is still more than we would like to see, but it is a big drop from the prior week.

Thank you to everyone who has done their part.

Thank you to the businesses who have worked to ensure a safe environment for employees and customers.

Thank you to the healthcare providers working hard to protect patients and provide safe care, and for providing loads of tests.

The percent of positive tests (per all tests) has begun to come down, as well, which is an important metric we’ve been keeping our eye on.

Here’s what we’ve got to keep up to make this outbreak short-lived:

Community member actions: mask wearing, social distancing, caution with gatherings. Also a reminder to be aware of the mild pre-symptoms–just feeling “off,” fatigue, aches, headache.
We’re hardworking folks, used to powering through. Feeling “off” is a good sign to practice some caution and protect fellow employees and patrons by staying home, and consider seeking testing.

Testing & Contact Tracing: Testing widely to identify positive cases is important, and then keeping up the focused quarantine and isolation is key.