Salt Lake City, UT.  –  Thomas S. Monson, the president of the Mormon church, died at his home in Salt Lake City on Tuesday. Monson was 90 years-old.

Monson served as the 16th president of the Mormon church, overseeing all of the affairs of the church for close to a decade.

Thomas Monson was born in Salt Lake City on Aug. 21, 1927, he later graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in business management and also received a master’s degree in business administration from Brigham Young University.

Monson also served in the Navy, and was a World War II veteran.

He later worked for the church’s secular businesses, mostly in areas of advertising and publishing.

At the age of 22, Monson became a church bishop, and in 1963, he became the youngest church apostle ever at age of 36.

Monson served three church presidents as a counselor before he assumed the role of the top leader of the church in 2008.

In all, Monson served in various aspects of church leadership for nearly five decades.

Monson’s legacy will be tied to his emphasis on humanitarian work, continuing the push for the religion to be more transparent about its past, and lowering the minimum age for missionaries.

The next president of the Mormon church will not be appointed until after funeral services for Monson have been conducted.