PRESTON, ID. — Court documents show that murder suspect, Marlin McQueen, 35, of Preston, who was arrested Tuesday, told detectives he stabbed the victim multiple times with a hunting knife following a party.

Marlin McQueen is being charged with first-degree murder after Wilden Lovin Jr., 31, was found dead in his Preston home Saturday.

Court documents detail that authorities suspected foul play due to the amount of blood spread throughout the residence.

Franklin County Sheriff deputies responded to Lovin’s home where they found a smear of blood on a wall next to a closed door, and numerous drops of blood in other areas of the home. One deputy reported seeing blood all over the bedroom floor, along with a bunch of clothes that were also covered in blood.

Court documents state that two other deputies entered the bathroom where the door was stopped by a body. Notes indicate that two puncture wounds could be seen in Lovin’s upper back area.

Multiple witnesses who were interviewed described a party Friday night at Lovin’s home where suspect, McQueen was reportedly present.

A search warrant executed at a home where McQueen was staying produced two pairs of pants with blood in addition to recently washed clothes. Boots were also seized as evidence during the search.

According to the probable cause statement, McQueen confessed to killing Lovin on the morning of January 26th. During an interview with a detective, McQueen detailed going to his truck to get his knife and then returning to the house and Wilden’s bedroom. He allegedly told detectives he used a 10-inch buck knife to stab Lovin multiple times, then hid the knife in a locked storage shed. The weapon was later recovered by investigators.

There was no motive mentioned in the court documents.

McQueen is being held in the Cache County jail. He was arraigned in Magistrate Court on Wednesday, and bond is set at $1 million dollars. If convicted, McQueen could face the death penalty or a possible life sentence.