Smithfield, UT.   –   32 year-old, Jason Keith Summers of Smithfield, Utah, is being held without bail after being taken into custody on Friday for allegedly throwing sulfuric acid on neighboring children.

The incident was said to have been captured on security camera. When police reviewed the evidence, they observed Summers walking off his property, onto his neighbor’s yard then proceeding to throw an unknown substance on two young boys. A 5-year-old suffered burns on his upper back and was treated at a local hospital, then subsequently released. The other boy, a 3-year-old, suffered injuries to his face, neck and upper chest. He was taken to a burn center, where he has also since been released.

According to police, Summers initially resisted arrest and retreated into his home. Police followed him into the home, with probable cause to intercept him. While serving a search warrant, police found evidence of a substance similar to commercial drain cleaner within Summers’ home. Police believed the substance could have been the same substance used in the attack.

During transport to a hospital for evaluation, Summers escaped the police vehicle by squeezing through a window that was rolled down less than 12 inches, but was immediately captured on the side of the roadway. Summers also reportedly asked to contact the drug task force, then later told medical personnel that he had taken a controlled substance.

Summers is being charged with two counts of child abuse, escaping from custody, interfering with an arrest, disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and trespassing. No motive for the attack was known as of Monday.

According to investigators, Summers has been previously arrested for attempting to break into a church with the intent to light it on fire, drug possession, and an aggravated burglary charge. Police stated in a Cache County Jail report, that Jason had a history of drug use and extreme violence.