Preston, ID.   –   The Preston School District is investigating a “regrettable circumstance” involving a long-time biology teacher, and a biological specimen feeding. The Franklin County Sheriff’s office is also involved in the investigation, after receiving a complaint of animal cruelty.

The incident is said to involve the teacher feeding a young, sickly, domesticated animal to a snapping turtle. Reports vary on weather the animal was alive or dead.

The name of the teacher has not been formally released, but the name has been released within the media. Due to the incident spawning personal attacks, will not be publishing the name of the teacher involved. The teacher currently under investigation, remains in the classroom at Preston Jr. High, pending the results of the investigation.

Superintendent Marc Gee stated that the feeding incident occurred well after students had been dismissed on March 7th and that it was not a part of any school directed program.  It was not mentioned in the statement, but it is believed that some students were present during the feeding incident.

The school said in a statement, that it would not discuss the animals involved or release any other details. It was also made it clear that the district does not condone individual actions that may violate district policy or reasonable expectations of behavior.

The school district has asked that community members show patience and await the findings as the teacher has shown “years of care, effort and passion to students in Preston School District”.