PRESTON, Idaho – Power was cut on Thursday on the east side of Preston for 673 Pacificorp power customers.

During the outage, crews worked from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., installing close to 20 new power poles in the area and performing maintenance on existing poles. The timing of the maintenance, according to Pacificorp’s Preston Station operations manager, Rett Sage, was to coincide with the widening of East Oneida. “

Though maintenance work can be completed, in some instances, while power lines are still active, it is safer for linemen to cut the power to complete their work.

Extra crews from Montpelier and Lava Hot Springs came to the area to help complete the project.

Some poles were replaced with new raptor-safe poles which are designed to mitigate or eliminate electrocution of raptors that perch on the lines.