Idaho – Polls opened across the state of Idaho on Tuesday morning, and voters will be casting ballots in a competitive primary election. Important votes will be cast during the primary for races including, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and State Treasurer, all of which have no incumbent.

The position of State Superintendent of Public Instruction is also on the ballot, as are uncontested positions including Attorney General, Secretary of State and State Controller.

Quite a few federal and judicial races are also on this year’s primary ballot.

Idaho’s primary elections often see winners go on to sweep during the General election, particularly in the GOP.

You can register to vote at polling locations, but must select a Republican, Democrat of Non-partisan ballot. New voters, or those without a current affiliation can declare themselves Republican if they wish to vote in the Republican primary. If you are already registered with a different party, you will not be able to change affiliation at the polls.

Voters registered as Republican will only be able to select the Republican ballot, following the Idaho GOP’s decision to close their primary to non-members.