Evanston, WY.  –   Late this morning, while District Court was being held in the Uinta County Court House, Jonathan Olivares was being escorted by a Uinta County Detention Officer for Court proceedings. Olivares attacked and struck the officer. During the struggle, Olivares was able to gain control of the officers sidearm and flee the area.

Olivares then stole the keys to a blue 2008 Ford Escape at gun point and fled the scene in that vehicle.

At 11:15 a.m. Olivares and the stolen vehicle were spotted by law enforcement traveling on Sixth Street, Olivares was apprehended in the area around 100 Main Street following a brief pursuit.

Olivares is now back in police custody at the Uinta County Detention facility.

The Detention Officer involved in the incident was treated for minor injuries and released at the scene.

No one else was reported injured during this series of events.