WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Cynthia Lummis criticized President Biden and Senate Democrats following their decision to use a procedural maneuver to bypass the democratic process and lay the groundwork to push through a coronavirus relief bill.

President Biden and Senate Democrats used a razor-thin majority to pass a budget resolution under the Congressional Budget Act to set spending levels for the federal government over the coming decade. Passage of a budget resolution is the only procedural way for Senate Democrats to pass a coronavirus bill in the coming weeks without negotiating with Republicans.

In a statement, Sen. Lummis said in part:

“Only weeks after Democrats and Republicans came together for the fifth time in less than a year to pass bipartisan coronavirus relief legislation, ‘Unity’ President Joe Biden chose the partisan path. Even after an Oval Office meeting with Republican senators, President Biden pushed forward with a legislative plan to ignore Republicans and ram a progressive wishlist through the Senate. With $4 trillion previously allocated and billions in relief left unspent, Joe Biden could pause to assess the situation, and work with Republicans to send targeted relief where it’s needed.”