SANDY, UT.  –  Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue was called out Sunday evening around 7:45 for an 18-year-old male hiker lost on Lone Peak. The hiker reported starting from Orson Smith trail head midday and using the Cherry Creek Logging Trail to summit Lone Peak. On the descent, he lost the trail and ended up in the Little Willow drainage. He evidently followed Willow Creek downhill for several miles and hours until in thick brush and at dark called 911 for help. His location was estimated to be near the actual Willow Creek at an elevation of 7500’, based on his mobile phone call.

A rescue team of 7 members was deployed from Hidden Valley park in Sandy. They used the Sawmill trail to ascend into Willow Creek as far as possible on trail and began “bushwhacking” uphill in the Willow Creek drainage at an elevation of about 6800’. They were able to locate the patient around midnight. After giving the patient water, food, warm clothing and a light, they all began the trip home.

A slightly easier and faster path downhill was identified with the help of a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter, which was flying overhead, assisting with the search. The team and patient were safely off the mountain around 2:00 am Monday morning.

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue would like to recommend hikers always take a backpack with water, food, extra appropriate clothing, headlamp, mobile phone charger and a map when climbing Lone Peak.