Logan, UT.    –    Logan was left without an animal shelter earlier this week, when a rift formed between the city and the Cache County Humane Society over fees, The disagreement led to the two entities cutting ties.

The City of Logan and the Cache Humane Society previously had a contractual agreement, for the Society to house stray and lost animals that were apprehended within the city.

The non-profit Cache Humane Society became a no-kill shelter in 2016, significantly increasing the financial needs of the organization.

The Society’s Executive Director stated that the organization was presented a proposal by the city that would have reduced it’s funding to a level they would have been uncomfortable agreeing to, and that the contract would have required them reduce their standard of care.

The Logan City Police Department stepped in and were housing stray and lost animals in their kennels at the station, following the split, until the city could formulate another agreement.

On Thursday, Logan City signed a contract with Brigham City Police Department to provide temporary animal shelter services, while the city develops a long-term solution.

Logan City said in a statement that it appreciates and supports the mission of the Cache Humane Society, and that it wished the best for the organization moving forward.