Listen Live now available on Amazon Alexa Devices!

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There is now another way you can listen to 99.1 FM KNYN and 98. 3 FM KADQ. We are excited to announce that you can listen live right now on Amazon Alexa devices!

NOTE: Before you can listen you will need to enable the Skills on your Amazon Alexa device. Step-by-step instructions on how to enable and launch Skills in Alexa via the Amazon Website and Alexa Mobile App are listed below:

Use the Alexa app to enable skills:

1 Open the Alexa app, and tap More in the bottom-right corner.
2 Tap Skills & Games, then tap the magnifying glass icon.
3 Search for KNYN or KADQ, select it, then tap ENABLE TO USE.

Use the Amazon website on desktop to enable skills:

1 Sign-in with your Amazon account
Click the dropdown labeled ‘ALL’, left of the search box at top of the Amazon homepage.
3 Choose ‘Alexa Skills’ from the dropdown, search for ‘KNYN’ or ‘KADQ’, then make selection.
4 Enable the skill on the right hand side of the page, under Get this Skill.

Once enabled, you can launch our stations with the following phrases: “Alexa, ask my local radio KNYN to play live.” and “Alexa, ask my local radio KADQ to play live.”

You can also ask Alexa what song is currently playing! Ask “Alexa, ask my local radio KNYN what’s playing.” or “Alexa, ask my local radio KADQ what’s playing.” respectively.