EVANSTON   –   We know that many of our students, athletes, coaches, and parents are struggling in their own way with the situation that has occurred. We believe we must make the best of this situation by doing. We can’t bring back your activities, jobs, family outings, and church meetings but we can provide some fun and celebration while following the physical distancing guidelines handed down by our local, state, and national leadership.
We as a community have done a pretty darned good job in a place that prides itself on the mantra of Fresh Air, Freedom and Fun. That is all being tested right now but let us be Evanston and do something good for our community. Other communities around the country started this and we are going to piggyback on what they have done to celebrate those that truly need to be celebrated.

On Friday, April 10th at 8:20 for 20 minutes, let’s take a drive by our stadiums, honk to show support and honor those who work in the medical field, our graduating seniors, and those that we have lost.

Please start lining up at Jody’s Diner behind our City, County and State Emergency personnel, no later than 8:00 PM. We will proceed through town, past the Uinta County Fairgrounds, over the Overpass, past the Evanston Ball field, then to our EHS Kay Fackrell Stadium. Proceed through back school parking lot on to Twin Ridge and disperse (Please do not gather in the school parking lot) All “stadiums” will be lit in celebration of those special people in this moment of struggle. “Let’s Be The Light”
(Please obey traffic and emergency personnel. Do Not block intersections and exits!)

Huge THANK YOU to KNYN 99.1 – Mylocalradio and Kevin Kallas for broadcasting and DJing the music that will be played on the radio and at Kay Fackrell Stadium during this event!!!

Stay in vehicles to adhere to physical distancing though. Physical Distancing is extremely important for all of us to adhere to so please follow those guidelines. No gatherings, please.

Why that exact time? 20:20 for 20 minutes for the Class of 2020 and to recognize the struggle we are all in together.

 – Dauna Bruce, Activities Director’s Assistant UCSD #1