BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Democratic Party is canceling its upcoming 2020 in-person convention in Boise.

While originally scheduled for June, the convention was pushed back to Aug. 28th and 29th, due to an increase in coronavirus cases at the time.

In a statement, the party detailed the reason for canceling was again due to the rising number of COVID-19 infections in both Ada County as well as statewide.

“As Idaho Democrats, the safety and well-being of our delegates and members are of the utmost importance,” party spokeswoman Lindsey Johnson said. “With the current mandate in Ada County prohibiting gatherings larger than 50 people, it would be impossible to safely gather 300 to 400 Idaho Democrats for a state convention. We are confident that 2020 will be a strong and exciting year and we look forward to electing and reelecting Idaho Democrats in November.”

The Democrats already held a virtual election to vote for delegates and other party positions. Canceling the state convention will postpone consideration of resolutions and platform planks until the 2022 State Convention. Existing official party platform and resolutions will remain in place until that time, according to Johnson.