In honor and celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked people around the office to share what traits, values, or ideals their mothers passed down to them, that they feel makes them a better person.

Here’s some of what they said:

“My Mother taught me the power of unconditional love. No matter how bad I messed up, (and I did a lot!) my mother was there to love me.”

“My mother was a woman of great faith. She was very prayerful and always trusted that everything would work out. She was a positive woman no matter the situation. I’m certain my “can do” attitude was greatly impacted by her example.”

“My mother is one of the hardest working, dependable, most thorough workers I’ve ever known. She always gives her all, no matter how she feels about the task. She also doesn’t make a habit of judging other people’s character or appearance. I can’t remember her talking anyone down, even in private. I’m very thankful she passed these traits on to me, even though I’m still working to meet her high standard on the second one.”

“My mother lost her mother when she was still a child, and also contracted polio in the same year. She never gave up, she learned to walk again. She was determined that when she had children, that she would be the best mother ever, and she was. I try to be strong like she was and I try to be a good mother, one that she would be proud of.”

“My mother taught me to be kind to other people, even when you think that they don’t deserve it. She also taught me how to be thrifty with money which is something that has served me well throughout my life. My hope is that one day people will remember me to have been even half as kind as my mother was.”

“My mother showed me there is alway more to life, over the next hill. She is always encouraging me to achieve greater success, by striving to achieve greatness in herself and everyone around her. I am very blessed to have my mother, and I am proud to be her son.”

Have a happy Mother’s Day, from all of us at!