CODY, WY. – Two Northwest College wrestling teammates, Brady Lowry of Cedar City, Utah and Kendell Cummings of Evanston, Wyoming, were injured by a grizzly bear while recreating south of Cody on Saturday, Oct. 15.

The teammates encountered the bear at close range in heavy cover while antler hunting west of the Bobcat Houlihan trailhead on the Shoshone National Forest.

An article on stated, “The bear had grabbed Lowry’s arm, shaking it until it fractured.” “Cummings attempted to disrupt the attack by yelling, throwing things” and “grabbing its coat”.

The bear then turned it’s attention to Cummings.

The victims were extracted with the assistance of a hunter in the area, a local resident and other members of their party, able to reach the trailhead where they met search and rescue.

Cummings was flown by helicopter to a Billings area hospital, and Lowry was transported by ambulance to a local hospital

Wyoming Game and Fish is in the process of gathering further details. Based on the initial information, this appears to be a sudden, surprise encounter with a grizzly bear.

The two injured in the encounter are expected to make a full recovery.


Identified excerpts in this article are from a article by Marjorie Cortez, Deseret News.