The Bike Rodeo is coming to the Uinta County Fair, Monday July 30th, 2018. This event is sponsored by the Evanston Wal-Mart, the Evanston Police Department, and MyLocalRadio. Parents and Guardians must have a permission slip signed before allowing their child or children to participate in the event. Parents or Guardians must also be present during the entirety of the Bike Rodeo. All participants must wear a helmet during the Bike Rodeo. The Evanston Wal-Mart has donated bikes to be given as prizes. All participants will be registered to win a bike. One girl and boy ages 4-7 and one girl and boy ages 8-11 will win a bicycle totaling 4 winners! The Evanston Police Department will be giving out free helmets to children who do not have one, but supplies are limited. The Evanston Police Department will be checking all helmets for safety, and correct fit.

Please fill out the Permission slip below and bring it to the Bike Rodeo on Monday July 30th. We will have permission slips available at the Bike Rodeo as well, and a printable PDF document is available (Here)

So kids, grab you bike, grab your helmet, and grab your folks come on down to the Uinta County Fairgrounds Monday July 30th for the Bike Rodeo




____________________________, has my permission to participate in the Annual KNYN / KADQ Bike Rodeo on Monday, July 30, 2018.  I understand that the undersigned must provide his/her own bicycle and must wear a helmet while participating in the Bike Rodeo.

I agree to hold Cook Brothers Broadcasting, LLC, KNYN / KADQ Radio, its employees or representatives blameless in the event of injury of any type including death.

I further understand that I, or another adult assigned by me, must be present to accompany my child during the entire event between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm on Monday, July 30, 2018.

On July 30, 2018, I certify that my child is ______________________ years of age.



Signed Date