Idaho Falls, ID.   –  Private land owners, Leonard Wasden and Kenneth Huskinson donated close to 80,000 artifacts and specimens that were to the Museum of Idaho. the items were unearthed from a series of desert caves located on their Idaho Falls property.

A museum press release states that the collection includes mammoth, bison and camel remains, some dating back as much as 14,000 years, in addition to Folsom Points and other tools used by some of the earliest humans in the Northwest.

The release also noted that Upper Snake River Prehistoric Society and Idaho State University archaeologists who were involved in the excavation of the site close to 50 years ago, believed the location to be a prehistoric kill site for large game animals.

Museum officials do plan to make the finds accessible to researchers, and hope to place many of the items on display, possibly in the new portion of their facility that is currently under construction.