Wasatch County, UT | Duchesne County, UT.      –    The Dollar Ridge Fire burning 8 miles Southwest of Duchesne, Utah, to date, has burned 56,687 acres and is sitting at 60% containment.

Yesterday helicopters used retardant to pre-treat containment lines along the western flank of the fire, and fire crews continued patrolling lines and addressing hot spots to ensure the fire couldn’t cross containment. Structure protection also continued in many sections of the fire area, particularly along Lower Rock Creek Road.

As of July 12th, the entire northern flank of the fire is now contained due to the hard work of the firefighters with added assistance from the recent cloudy and rainy weather. Crews that were camped out on the remote eastern flank of the fire, completed their section of the containment line, and were flown out by helicopter.

Firefighters will now concentrate most of their efforts on the southwest section of the fire, beginning on July 12. The majority of un-contained line is located there. Crews will construct a new fire line by removing excess vegetation and using natural features and roads to assist them. Air resources may also pre-treat the area with retardant, to reduce the flammability of the vegetation in the area.

Fire managers are preparing to initiate a burnout on the southwestern corner of the fire in the next few days if weather conditions permit. This attempt should stop the southern movement of the fire. The operation will last for approximately 3-4 days. The burnout is expected to produce an increased amount of smoke from the fire area.

Initial attack resources are also preparing for any new fire starts that may happen around the perimeter of the fire. Thunderstorms that passed through the area in the last few days have started four new small fires. Firefighters responded to these and successfully suppressed them.

The Dollar Ridge Fire started on July 1 in Wasatch County, UT., and within 10 hours of discovery, exploded to 7000 acres and spread into Duchesne County.

The majority of the evacuees temporarily displaced by the fire have now been allowed to return to their homes.

For updates on road closures and evacuation information, individuals can contact the Wasatch or Duchesne County Sheriff’s Offices.