Newcastle, WY.    –   Wyoming district Judge John G. Fenn, has ordered that Campbell County attorney, Alex Berger’s name be put on the primary election ballot in Weston County for the position of Weston County Attorney.

Berger’s application to be a candidate for county attorney was previously denied by Weston County Clerk Jill Sellers. Berger contested that Clerk Sellers lacked a legal basis for refusing his application because there are no residency qualifications in Wyoming law, concerning a candidate seeking election.

Berger also attempted to file his application in Campbell County, but it was also was denied there by the County clerk.

Berger previously considered running for similar positions in his home of Campbell County, but believes the Weston County position is the best fit for him.

The judge’s ruling didn’t make any findings as to Berger’s qualifications, and both the Judge and Berger seem to agree that any issues arising from the election, if there are any, would be best resolved through contesting the election results based on Wyoming’s existing guidelines.