UINTA COUNTY, Wyo.  –   As of August 19th Uinta County has now entered into Fire Restrictions. According to Uinta County Fire Warden, Eric Quinney, critical fire weather and extreme conditions make it necessary to restrict burning. The Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest and The High Desert District of the BLM also currently have fire restrictions in place at this time.

Any open fire or discharge of any class A, B and/or C fireworks is prohibited on all state and private land including, but not limited to, all lands owned by Uinta County or in which Uinta County holds or owns an interest, including county roads, easements and rightaways in Uinta County. The prohibition is subject to the following exceptions:

a. Trash or refuse burned between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. inside containers equipped with spark arresters that are located within a cleared area that has at least a ten (10) foot radius and comply with all other laws and requirements.

b. Campfires contained within an established fire ring at an established campground provided the fire complies with BLM, Forest Service and National Park Service regulations in effect at the time.

c. Charcoal and propane fires within enclosed grills.

d. Use of acetylene cutting torches or electric arc welders provided the torches or welders are used within a cleared area with at least a ten (10) foot radius.

e. Propane or open fire branding activities provided the branding activities are conducted withing a cleared area with  at least a ten (10) foot radius.

f. Use of chain saws provided the chain saws have spark arresters properly installed and functioning.

g. Federal, state or local fire or law enforcement officers participating in fire, emergency, and law enforcement activities.

h.Public-sponsored fireworks displays which are coordinated with the County Fire Warden or his designee.

i. Backyard fire pits in an approved fire pit with manicured yard and accessible water.

j. Portable outdoor fireplaces shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s  instructions and shall not be operated within 15 feet of a structure or combustible material.