Soda Springs, ID.   –   The City of Soda Springs is looking to build a city-owned Recreation Center and is asking for citizen input and community support for the proposed project. The city is in the early stages of planning for the potential construction of an enclosed steel framed facility with a finished multi-use floor, that could be used for multiple recreational activities and sports. The city is hoping to bolster community support of the proposed facility, either through funding opportunities like grants, cash-donations, building material discounts, or even in feedback from members of the public.

In a post to their Facebook page, the city lists the benefits that a city-owned rec center might provide, citing sporting and recreation opportunities for youth and adults during winter months, after-school, summer and weekend use for non-sporting programs, and the additional possibility of offering the facility for community use via reserved reservations.

The City of Sodas Springs is asking the public to provide feedback in the form of a survey, which you can take part in ( here ).

The city is hoping that citizens and business owners will see the need for this type of facility in Soda Springs and is anticipating that positive public feedback and community support will help to make the rec-center a reality in our community.