Christmas For Cancer: A County-Wide Benefit Fundraiser

Cancer does not discriminate. It takes from the unsuspecting victim and continues to drain energy, life, and money. No one asks for this. Those who are targeted go through endless pain and sickness while family members do everything in their power to stay strong and supportive, all the while feeling the strain of huge medical bills that continue to populate their mailboxes, not to mention the overwhelming cost of fuel to transport their loved one back and forth to healthcare facilities. So what about the rest of us: the friend, the neighbor, the community member wanting to help in any way, but not sure how. Enter Christmas for Cancer. Every year the Social Dance Club, a high school student dance group based out of Grace High School, sets aside the Christmas season to help families in our area that are in need. This year is no different and they have teamed up with Grace High School to highlight families in our county going through the terrible effects of cancer. There has been a huge out-pouring of love toward Miss Ellie Johnson, a young 13 year old girl who is struggling through Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and because of the awareness of her situation, it made members of the Social Dance Club think about the many who also are fighting. Awareness brings with it thoughts, prayers, acts of service, and help. With this in mind, SDC and GHS are bringing awareness to over 10 people in our county that are suffering through this demonic disease, letting these unsuspecting victims feel the power of love and giving.

This year’s show is the famous “Dancing with the Almost Stars”, where 9 couples from the county are competing for that coveted mirror ball trophy! Contestants will be announced at a future date. The show will be 2 nights this year so don’t miss it. It is hilarious!

In order to take this year’s benefit to greater heights, the Social Dance Club and Grace High School are joining forces and putting together a silent and live auction as well as a community dinner.  There has been a HUGE outpouring of support for this function as businesses all over the county are jumping on to help by either sponsoring, donating services, or committing to attend as a buyer. For example, Bayer, Caribou Family Dental, and A+ Auto are few that have agreed to sponsor. There have been amazing donations such as vacations (Mexico trip, Costa Rica Trip, Alaskan package, Bear Lake stay), chainsaw art, custom meat cutting, Jazz tickets, custom art, and 15 ton gravel to name a few.  It has been incredible to see so many want to join and help with this wonderful cause. Any donations from anyone would be so appreciated, as well as those willing to come and support by buying.  All proceeds from this cause will be donated to the 10 families. What a great way to show our love and support and kick off  the holiday season.

So now is the time to save the date! Events are as follows at the Gem Valley Performing Arts Center: December 3rd– silent auction 5-6pm, live auction 6-7pm, Dancing with the Almost Stars Show 7:30pm (ticket required). December 4th– community dinner $7/person or $25/family 5-7pm, Dancing with the Almost Stars Show 7:30pm (ticket required).  Tickets to DWAS can be purchased November 26th at Grace Elementary starting at 7:30am for $7 each. Warning! Don’t delay. These tickets go fast so don’t miss out on all the fun and be a part of a wonderful cause. If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Holyoak (208) 530-1104, Becky Jorgensen (208) 681-8126, Steve Brady (208) 339-6409.