CACHE VALLEY — A Utah-based nonprofit is helping a young girl from Central America work with surgeons in Cache Valley and receive life-altering help. The two and a half year-old girl was born with a heart condition, a seizure disorder and two club feet But thanks to two doctors and Cache Valley Hospital, her feet were surgically corrected earlier this month. According to Addisyn Block Lopez, director of the Village of Hope Orphanage in Central America where the girl lives, children born with special needs in some areas of Central America are often considered cursed and for a child in an orphanage adoption is nearly impossible. Although surgeons in her home country tried to help her on two occasions, the complexity of her condition made them hesitant to take the risk of surgery. The nonprofit Operation Underground Railroad reached out to their network of volunteers in hopes of finding a surgeon in the states who could take on the girl’s case. Dr. Keith Nelson of Cache Valley heard about the need and decided he wanted to help. With the help of the Cache Valley Hospital staff, Nelson and his colleague Daniel Huff made arrangements for Mariana’s operation to be done pro-bono.