Community Chat – IMPACT307 Program Mentoring and Educating Start-ups (4-25-23)

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On this edition of Community Chat, Colton is joined by Monica Patten, Assistant Director of Southwest Wyoming Region of IMPACT307. IMPACT307 is a program of the University of Wyoming designed to help startups grow and thrive through educational resources and mentorship.

Colton and Monica start by discussing the fast approaching Uinta County Start-Up Challenge, its deadlines and how to apply. Uinta County Start-Up Challenge is competition rewarding seed funding to help launch business ideas and propel early stage start-ups.

They then touch on the history of IMPACT307’s launchpads in various counties across the state and the successes they helped foster in start-ups.

Monica then details an upcoming FREE IMPACT307 Lunch and Learn Webinar on April 26th from Noon to 1 PM. The webinar will cover the importance of innovation across all aspects of business. Identifying innovation opportunities, creating innovative business models, and the importance of ‘building a wide moat.’

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