Target Group Includes Adults and Kids Connected to Positive Case

EVANSTON  –  Due to the high potential impact of Uinta County’s recent positive case, the Wyoming Department of Health recommended another Point Prevalence Survey.

The mass testing event targeted a specific cohort of people in connection with that case.

In a strong show of community support, the Evanston Community Health Center volunteered time, staff and PPE to take and prepare the samples for testing.

Evanston Community Health Center’s staff gowned, gloved, and masked up to meet a line-up of cars, and in 2 hours swabbed over 50 individuals, both children and adults, as they drove through. Office staff worked behind the scenes to complete the data entry.

Uinta County Public Health partnered with the health center, coordinating logistical support, and the Wyoming State Fire Marshal’s office stepped up to transport the samples to Cheyenne, in order to expedite test results. Samples will arrive this evening at the Wyoming Public Health Lab, and results are expected soon.

As a quick reminder, a Point Prevalence Survey provides a snapshot of a moment in time, and is generally used to get a better understanding of how much a certain disease (in this case, COVID-19) is affecting people and circulating in a location. It involves testing a large number of people within a limited time period.

A survey like this provides important data, especially an opportunity to know exactly how much and to what extent COVID-19 is present right now, in a certain location. This voluntary survey will give us important information about our community’s coronavirus status, and will help with decision-making and planning. It also helps those in a facility assess their processes and procedures.

Other facilities and institutions across the state and country have and are conducting similar surveys during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Increased testing for COVID-19 (and therefore greater awareness of positive cases) is one of the goals or capacities needed to make informed decisions about the safety of further relaxing the virus mitigation strategies within the community. This will be a useful step in achieving more testing and more knowledge about our community’s status.

This event, put on by the Evanston Community Health Center (with strong support from their organizational leadership) was a big help to our community testing efforts.

The event was a great example of different groups working together for the community good, and was a significant contribution and timely response to a scary and serious situation.