It’s not every day you get a chance to see Mountain Goats, but every so often a herd of them will show up right on the interstate for your viewing pleasure. These Mountain Goats were photographed by listener Larry Burleigh on the Highway outside of Alpine Wyoming.

Mountain Goats were introduced into eastern Idaho for the purpose of sport hunting between 1969-1971, since then healthy herds of Mountain Goats have found homes along the cliff faces and river beds of the snake river, around the area of Alpine Junction.

Mountain Goats population is on the rise in the Teton National Forest. A Wyoming Game and Fish survey has shown that the Mountain Goats population is on the rise, while the population of Big Horn Sheep is declining in the Teton area.


The Mountain Goats shown here are enjoying the salt residue left over from WYDOT clearing the roads of ice, and snow. They give travelers on the road, a great view, and photo opportunities. Thank you Larry Burleigh, for these great pictures.