Mission Statement:  As a multi-faceted marketing company our mission is to help others become more successful.  We believe everyone can enjoy abundance in all things.  We educate, mentor and help others recognize and realize abundance.  As a global marketing company, we positively impact the world.

Cook Brothers Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Old West Media, Inc. owns and operates five terrestrial radio stations.  Three are licensed in Wyoming and two are licensed in Idaho.  When utilizing all five stations you have the possibility of reaching over 500,000 listeners in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska.

There are multiple ways to reach your current and potential customers when you advertise:

On-Air Commercials:  You are welcome to produce your own radio ads, or we are happy to write scripts and produce ads on your behalf.  With years of experience and expertise in the markets we serve, we will help you reach your target audience with professional, powerful advertisements.

On-Line:  Reach a world-wide audience with display, video and audio advertisements on our website at

High School Sports Advertising:  We provide entertaining and pertinent information for our listeners every day on the radio, plus we provide high school sports coverage for 7 high schools in our service areas.  This coverage can be heard over the radio, or fans can log-on to and watch the games live!  Advertising during high school sports broadcasts increases your advertising coverage to a world-wide audience.  High school sports fans are very loyal to businesses that advertise during these broadcasts.  Customer loyalty makes high school sports a prime advertising location.

On-Location Broadcasts:  Host a live broadcast from your business location.  With four, five-minute breaks per hour, your company owns the airwaves for two solid hours.  This advertising option creates excitement as we spotlight your business, your products and your services.

As a multi-faceted marketing company, we also handle print media design, social media, website creation, direct mail, logo design and magazine advertising.  Our team of professional, creative and enthusiastic specialists are committed to helping you become more successful!  We work with businesses and organizations of all sizes and would love the opportunity to work with you too.

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