The KACH, Preston Easter Egg has been found! Congratulations to Lindsee Doud! She found the egg in Preston on Tuesday April 16th. For finding the egg Lindsee has won $500.

Thank you everyone who played along and hunted for the Easter Egg  (KACH Preston Easter Egg Hunt)

We want to thank all of our sponsors of this years KACH Preston Easter Egg Hunt.


Without them the Easter Egg Hunt would not be possible.


Congratulations to Lindsee Doud! Lindsee found the egg Tuesday afternoon. It was taped up under the lowest seat, at the extreme east end of the guest bleachers at the high school football field.

Look Down – the egg was lower than eye level
Hand rail – the back of the school, facing the football field
Pipes – Sprinkler pipes are stacked at the east and west end of the football field
7am – on the fence at the east end of the field ‘reserved parking from 7am to 4:30pm’
Look up – Once you get below eye level you have to look up underneath something to see the egg
16 sentinels – 16 trees along the north side of the field behind the visitors bleachers
14 doors – on the back side of the school
DN – graffiti tagged on the back of the west end of the visitors bleachers