This years KNYN/KADQ Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success! We would like to thank our sponsors for helping us make this years hunt as much fun as it was.

A HUGE thank you to this year’s sponsors:
Cowboy Cares – Freeway Tire – Rocky Mountain Yeti – Ellingford Brothers – Hoover Chiropractic – Eve’s Garden – Home Décor – Sportsworld – Jody’s Diner – Westar Printing/Rock Mountain Signs – Evanston Recreation Center – Kallas Automotive – Best Western Dunmar Inn/Legal Tender Restaurant.

The Easter egg has been found by Travis Cornelison, congratulations to him on winning the $500 cash prize.

The egg was found at Centennial Park, located on Colonial Ave., on the west side of the parking lot.

The clues were tough this year, but provided the allure and atmosphere for a good hunt.

Clue #1 & #5 – A Bush?(#1) A Tree?(#5)- The Egg was close to a tree/bush. The Plant was stunted and it could have been a bush, or a tree, hence the “?”

Clue #2 & #6– Bark (#2) Bark Bark (#6) – These clues where meant to throw everyone off a little. Was it a dog park? Was it near a shelter? Was there a bunch of trees around? The answer is really simple, the last house on the street had to friendly dogs that would greet everyone who went by to get in the park. On multiple occasions while checking on the egg we got to befriend the “barking dogs”

Clue #3 – Gnats do this! This was one of the best clues! Not only did this clue get the biggest response of all, it’s a head shaker as well. We saw a spike in google searches and even a Reddit post trying to decipher this clue! Gnats, fly and the Bear River Modelers have a model plane runaway with in the vicinity. Gnats also buzz, and the sound of their buzzing right next to your ear, sound similar to the buzz of a model airplanes engine.

Clue #4 – It takes what’s beneath to produce what’s above. – The egg was in the grass next to the “Bush?” it takes the ground or earth to produce the grass and the “bush?”. Clever huh.

Clue #7 & #13 Wire – (#7) Fence Line(#13) – The fence line that goes right along the Bush? Tree? is a wire fence.

Clue #8 – Tracks – Was it animal track? Train tracks? Nope, it was the walking track that follows the fence line and gives you a great line of sight to where the egg was located.

Clue #9 – You won’t find a semi here. – Go ahead and try to get a semi truck in that parking lot. ( strongly advises you not to drive or park a semi truck at that park. You will get stuck.)

Clue #10 – Early America – All of the street names are historical American names ie. Constitution Ave, Freedom Dr, Independence Dr.

Clue #11 – 100 – The number 100 is also the name of the park, Centennial Park.

Clue #12 – Tall Grass – The Egg was located in the tall grass next to the “bush?”

Clue #14 – You can park your car within 10’ of the egg – While we did not take a measuring tape out for exact measurement we were sure close enough. There were a few people who went out with a tape measurement and we are proud of your efforts!

Clue #15 – Oklahoma Thunder – This clue made people really think. Did it have to do with Basketball? Did you know the Oklahoma Thunders mascot is a bison? Well the Basketball court that was on the other side of the parking lot made this clue a lot of fun.