Boise, ID.   –    17 schools in the state of Idaho are set to receive a grant to promote suicide prevention. The grant is awarded through the State Department of Education in partnership with the Idaho Lives Project.

The Sources of Strength grant is intended to help middle and high school age students build a support system and learn skills that will help them to identify and cope with personal life challenges. It is also designed to help them to learn how to reach out to others for help by creating trust.

While the program focuses heavily on suicide prevention, it also incorporates topics of bullying, substance abuse, violence, and other social issues.

According to counselors, Middle school children are often presented with a new set of challenges which require new skills. Children in this age group often begin to learn to operate within a larger group of people and learn how to adjust to different types of personalities, when they encounter different classrooms and differnet teachers.

The Sources of Strength program has expanded into 28 other states in the U.S. and two Canadian provinces since first launching in North Dakota in 1998.