Rock Springs, WY.   –   A Sweetwater County deputy sheriff is being recognized for saving the life of a crash victim on Interstate 80 on January 2.

Sheriff Mike Lowell said the off-duty deputy, whose name he declined to release due to the nature of his assignment with a special investigative unit, was traveling east with his family on Interstate 80 several miles west of Rock Springs when he observed a mini-van, also eastbound and traveling at a high rate of speed, leave the roadway and roll several times, coming to rest on its roof on an embankment.

The deputy’s wife called 911 while he went to the aid of the mini-van’s driver. As he assessed the driver’s injuries, cut him out of his seat belt and assisted him in freeing himself, the mini-van began to roll again, threatening to crush both men.

Lowell said the deputy physically flung the driver clear and managed to get out of the way himself as the vehicle continued rolling, eventually coming to rest upright.

The mini-van’s driver, a 52-year-old Rock Springs man, was examined by EMTs at the scene, but not hospitalized. The crash was investigated by troopers of the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

In his letter of commendation for the deputy, Lowell recognized his “courage and professionalism” and expressed his own pride in his heroism. “The deputy’s selfless actions were a credit to the mission and spirit of Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office,” he said.