Provo, UT. – Following November 7th’s general election, Provo Utah will have a woman mayor for the first time in its 157-year history.

The mayoral race there will be contested between  Sherrie Hall Everett, former city councilwoman and school board member Michelle Kaufusi.

When Kaufusi went to City Hall to file her paperwork, she was informed by a clerk that she was one of the first women to run for the job. Prior to that Kaufusi had no knowlegdge of the city’s all-male mayoral history.

Kaufusi said she couldn’t really believe what she had been told, so she went to look over the wall of former mayors. She found that the mayors had indeed been all male. “This makes me want to win even more.”, Kaufusi replied.

“I think if one of us can break the glass ceiling, it will open the door for a lot more involvement from women,” Kaufusi said.

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