Boise, ID. – According to recent reports, federal officials say theyare making progress on eradicating the potato cyst nematodes from Idaho. The pest has been threatening one of Idaho’s biggest industries for nearly a decade, but the United States Department of Agriculture says vaible potato cyst nematodes can no longer be detected in three additional fields. Last week, the agency said 20 of the 27 infected fields have not reached the all clear step in returning to production. In southeastern Idaho, about 9,300 acres are being monitored and regulated due to the pest. Initially, Canada, Mexico and Korea banned Idaho potatoes when the bug was discovered in 2006, but currently the only country still banning Idaho potatoes is Japan. Crop production can be reduced by the nematodes by 80 percent, which could be extremely harmfull to Idaho, which produces about 30 percent of the national potato crop.

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