Preston, ID – The Preston Police Department is working on investigating several successful scams in the town which have cost a reported $30,000 so far. According to reports, nearly half of the stolen money has been taken from Franklin County itself, as the county clerk was notified through an email that charges to the tune of $6,100 and $11,000 were found on county gas cards. The information is being taken off of the cards when they were used at a local pump, with charges showing up in Miami, Florida. Several individuals in the town have also been hit for large charges, with another $12,000 worth of loss with numbers continuing to rise. According to the police, more people are choosing not to report it, and work it out with their bank or card company, and the real number could be even higher than the current $30,000. The cause comes from a small card skimming device attached to the outside of credit card readers, which can be placed on ATM’s, gas pumps and any device which takes credit cards. Officials in Preston feel the scam may be tied to another larger national scam, and are asking for assistance from federal agencies. To keep yourself safe from scams like this, police recommend paying inside if you can. If you need to pay outside, make sure you look the machine you are using over to make sure nothing looks suspicious, and regularly monitor your accounts to watch for false charges.

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