Pocatello, ID.  – Pocatello and the surrounding area are being targeted with fraudulent phone calls saying victims owe money on their power bill. The caller tells the victim there is a technician in the area that will shut off their power within the hour unless immediate payment is received. The victim is instructed to put cash on some type of pre-paid debit card and call the scammer back with the card authorization number.

The community is urged to use caution anytime you are asked to put cash on a pre-paid debit card. These cards are a favorite of con artists because once they have the card number they can immediately obtain the cash on the card. The money cannot be traced or returned.

The calls appear to come from Idaho Power and the caller is very aggressive. If you think you could possibly owe money on your Idaho Power bill, you can check your account balance online at idahopower.com, by calling 1-800-488-6150 or visit their office at 301 East Benton Street in Pocatello.

“There are numerous phone, mail, and email scams assaulting our community. Citizens are reminded to always check out any request and use phone numbers and emails independent of what the scammer is providing for you,” states Dianne Brush of the Pocatello Police Department.

For assistance or further information, call the Pocatello Police Department, Community Services Division at 208-234-6117.