The Newcastle pumpkin has been found!  But the Upton pumpkin is still at large…

Brandon Hawley is the winner of the Great Pumpkin Chase in Newcastle. He gets $150.00. The pumpkin was found by Brandon at the softball field in the dugout.

The Upton pumpkins still worth  $150.00 to the first person to find the pumpkin and bring it to our studio’s at 2208 West main, gets the money.

Clues will be available Monday through Friday between 9am and 10 am.

For clues In Upton visit: B-4 Auto, Joes Food Center, Arrow Services and Sunset Amigos. For clues in Newcastle visit: Pay Day Lenders, Strawberry Patch, Flowers & Things, Trim Salon, The West End, The Hop, Wedding Closet, Woody’s Food Center, Lunatics, Advanced Communications and Elliot Chiropractic.

Some stores will have old clues, some will have new clues.

Be safe and have fun.

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