Salt Lake City, UT.   –   Utah legislator, Rep. Justin Fawson (R) is drafting a proposal to move Utah’s sex education curriculum out of the classroom, onto the internet and into the individual homes of students.

Fawson has stated that he doesn’t want to modify any current restrictions in Utah’s sex education curriculum, but rather, see school districts embrace online lessons in exchange for traditional classroom instruction on the topic.

It should be noted that Fawson’s current proposal doesn’t require online lessons, but would seek to allow parents to pick from a suite of optional lessons as an alternative to classroom instruction.

Fawson believes his proposal is a better approach to providing sex education to students who opt out of the lessons during school sponsored health classes.

Fawson also sees his bill as a way of staving off the threat of future legal action against the state, and thinks it’s best to update the laws surrounding sex education in Utah to focus on human reproduction, with less emphasis on cultural beliefs regarding sexuality.